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Solar energy is one of the cleanest forms of power in the world! Using the sun’s energy and harnessing it, solar panels are able to use photovoltaic cells and convert it into electricity. Now more than ever, solar panel systems are being installed on the roofs of homeowners across the world and as a result they are saving thousands of dollars, taking advantage of sizeable tax credits and federal incentives and exponentially increasing the value of their home. Solar has become more affordable than ever and homeowners are reaping the benefits from this incredibly sustainable form of energy. Although solar savings are a huge asset for homeowners and business owners, going solar greatly improves our environment in more ways than one.

Switching your energy consumption from burning up fossil fuels to generating clean solar energy is one of the most impactful ways to be environmentally friendly. In 2012, installing a 4.6kw Solar Array is the same as planting 1.1 acres of Fir trees and it’s also the equivalent to keeping 1 car off the road for 1 year (12,000 miles). Going solar also conserves precious, limited resources on our planet. To produce the same power each year as your 46kw Solar Array, coal power plants would produce about 8,602 lbs. of carbon dioxide emissions, burn 3,244 lbs. of coal and cause 23 lbs. of sulfur dioxide or acid rain. And not mention that solar energy also saves local environments and dams by save more water for irrigation, recreation and wildlife.
It’s quite amazing what solar energy can do for not only our personal energy costs but for the planet. Call us at 503-857-0099 and find out more about how you can turn your house into a self-generating, clean energy home.

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