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Commercial Solar Panels

Are you considering adding solar power to your commercial property? DPI Solar is well-versed in commercial companies solar power needs! 

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We specialize in commercial and industrial solar installations ranging in size from 25kW to 2MW. These types of installations include flat-roof commercial buildings, large-scale metal roofs, and even ground mounted solar arrays.


Worried about your new roof? Don't want a bunch of holes drilled through your 50 year membrane roof? Talk to us about a ballasted system that reduces your roof penetrations by as much as 90%


Our customers vary in profession as much as our options to meet their goals do: from the hobby-farmer to high-end vineyards; the convenience market owner to the 10-story office building; Storage facilities, Assisted Living facilities, even Organic Makeup Compounding in the Industrial Areas of Portland. 


What does this varied group of owners have in common? They are our environmental stewards with a desire to eliminate their electric bills. 

Solar Panels installed on commercial building in Oregon

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