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Floating Solar Panels

Local Solar Panel Cost Calculator

It’s the one question that matters: How much will solar cost in Oregon?
Well…here you go! We built you a solar calculator that does some of the “quick math” for you.

Below you will find a solution that will ask you to estimate your AVERAGE monthly electric bill. From there, you’ll pick one of the two electrical companies (that we work with most) and: presto! A cost appears!

So…what’s the catch? Nothing. We have used local, up-to-date costs (per watt installed) to give you a quick idea of how much you might end up spending if you go with “the other guys.”

And that’s something to pay attention to: Although the estimate is using Energy Trust of Oregon’s weekly cost-per-watt data, Working with DPI Solar guarantees that your project will be at least 15% less than the numbers shown below.

Want to know more about going solar after you see their costs? Make an appointment! You won’t be disappointed!

Remember...DPI Solar's  Cost will be at least 15% LOWER than the estimate that appears below.


** Calculator is an ESTIMATE ONLY. Estimate is based on the following assumptions:


DPI Solar is providing this tool for customers to estimate the cost to go solar. 

DPI Solar's costs are significantly lower than the results shown here.  

This Calculator represents the average costs that other contractors are charging locally. 


1) System will generate 1.1 kilowatt-hours of energy (PER YEAR) for every 1 watt of solar power installed

2) Monthly Bill minus $20 = Estimated cost of actual electricity billed to customer per month

3) Estimated cost of monthly electricity is converted to kilowatt-hours by dividing the derived cost by the cost/kWh billed by your electric company

4) The calculator provides an estimate only, and actual energy production will depend on an onsite shade analysis

5) Cost displayed is based on Energy Trust of Oregon's weekly report - Page 2 Residential Projects 

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