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PGE Portland 17% Rate Increase 2024

Solar Panels on your home mean that YOU own the power plant. 

This means no more rate increases from the electric company.

For customers that finance their solar array, this means the same payment, every month for the life of your solar loan.

No unexpected or surprising bills. 

With upfront cash incentives for solar power and battery storage systems, there isn't a better time to TAKE YOUR POWER BACK. 


Continued Rate Increases

In the last three years:

  • Jan 1, 2022: PGE raises rates by 6% over 2021

  • May 9, 2022: PGE raises rates by 3.8% in addition to 1/1/2022 rate

  • Jan 1, 2023: PGE raises rates by 7% over 2022

  • Jan 1, 2024: PGE intends to raise rates by 14% over 2023

  • Oct 31, 2023: PGE intends to raise rates by 17% over 2024

Business & Residential

Both residential and business owners are affected by these upcoming rate hikes. If you're a business owner and a homeowner, you're impacted twice.

2023 PGE Residential Rate: 14.52¢/kWh

2024 PGE Residential Rate: 16.55¢/kWh

2023 PGE Small Biz Rate: 14.3¢/kWh

2024 PGE Small biz Rate: 16.3¢/kWh

Solar Loans

Think you can't afford solar power on your property? Think again. 

Over 70% of our customers finance their projects using some sort of lender (our recommendation is PSCCU Energy Smart Loans- ask us why!)

Owning your solar power plant is a marathon - meaning it's a long term investment, but the payment and loan have a finish line - unlike your electric bills  that just keep coming forever.

DPI Solar: Your Solution for Affordable & Sustainable Energy

In the pursuit of keeping energy costs manageable, homeowners and businesses often explore various strategies. However, these approaches have their limits, especially in the face of relentless and repeated utility price hikes each year.

DPI Solar recognizes the need for a more effective solution to counter the impact of escalating energy costs near Portland, Oregon. With fuel expenses on the rise and electricity demand soaring, prices are on an upward trajectory. Relying on a source of energy unaffected by external factors and corporate interests is the smartest move.

With 15 years in the industry, DPI Solar shines brighter than nearly any local competitor. We help you to  harness the power of the sun using solar power on your property, giving you independence from current and future price volatility from the electric company's pricey offerings. No longer will you be at the mercy of costly electric company-supplied electricity.

What's more, with the integration of battery backup, you can store surplus energy. This reserve can power your home during outages or charge your electric vehicle (EV), further reducing your dependence on the electricity company.

Trust DPI Solar to lead the way toward energy self-sufficiency and financial relief.

Take Your Power Back Today with our complimentary solar site evaluation and solar calculator!

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