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Get Your Oregon Solar & Battery Backup Install Quote

If your house isn’t connected to the power grid, you experience frequent power outages, or you have a medical need that requires constant power, then a battery backup system may be for you.

Solar Battery Backup Overview and description image. Convert Light into electricity. Invert DC to AC

Why Solar Battery Backup?

Our systems can run your well, ductless heat pump, refrigerator, freezer, microwave, lights, plugs, TVs, computers and internet. DPI has installed countless hybrid solar systems with battery backup. Depending on the power utilized in the home and the size of the battery, a hybrid system can power your critical systems indefinitely. Lifetime monitoring is included with all of our solar installations. DPI Solar installs exclusively OutBack Power battery systems because of their experience, their product line that’s been field-proven for over a decade, and the flexibility of their control system.

DPI Solar is the go-to provider for solar panel plus battery backup installation in Oregon. We believe everyone should have access to reliable power in the event of an outage. That's why we specialize in no power grid, no problem solutions. DPI has been engineering battery backup systems since 2015, and offers a schedule and onsite evaluation to learn how you can keep the lights on. Let us show you how you can power your home or business with the latest in battery backup and solar technology.

DPI offers a variety of modules, inverters and battery-backup options to fit your needs.




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