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About DPI Solar in Oregon

We Build for People

3 men in hardhats looking at blueprint on construction site


DPI Solar in Oregon was founded by Josh Kopczynski, an electrician with a passion for the nitty gritty of electrical work coupled with an eagerness to help people improve their lives through renewable energy. He started working with customers just after the global recession of 2008…and it was a trial by fire, but he diligently pushed through and soon the company will celebrate 14 years in business, making us the longest standing solar company founded and rooted in beautiful Portland, Oregon.


Sometimes our high regard for integrity costs us business and money. But we sleep well at night knowing that we function from a place of transparency and keeping our word. We hope to make the world a better place by treating others they way we want to be
treated – with honor and respect.


We have grown from the humble beginnings of a single owner-operator to a lifestyle company with more than 14 years of experience. Our amazing management team provides valuable oversight in all things. Our well-trained team of solar advisors
consultatively help home owners make good decisions for themselves and their families. And our two full-time installation crews get it all done.


We are a union company and love our skilled workers. We pay them a living wage and they, in return, give us great loyalty and longevity. We are the only trade ally of the Energy Trust of Oregon using union workers on residential installations and are proud members of the IBEW. It’s a common occurrence for us to receive phone calls or emails from delighted customers who pass along the high praise received from both inspectors and PGE on our fabulous installations.

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