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We provide a suite of services to ensure your project is completed accurately and beautifully

DPI Solar has you covered. 

From residential solar, to commercial solar, to solar power + battery backup. From site visits, to planning & permitting, engineering and installing.

From your first inquiry to your install, we have your back. 

Here are the services included when you work with DPI Solar in Oregon:


Your home. Your Castle. Your Renewable Power-Plant.


Your home is possibly your most valuable asset. It's where the best parts of your life happen. 


DPI Solar takes your partnership in solar energy VERY seriously. We know that solar power is a choice, and that our home-owners want value, performance, freedom from electric bills, and quality before, during and after the install. Let our 15+ years of experience guide you in your search for the right partnership on this project. 

Solar Panels Installed on Residential Home in Sherwood, Oregon


We specialize in commercial and industrial solar installations ranging in size from 25kW to 2MW. These types of installations include flat-roof commercial buildings, large-scale metal roofs, and even ground mounted solar arrays.


Worried about your new roof? Don't want a bunch of holes drilled through your 50 year membrane roof? Talk to us about a ballasted system that reduces your roof penetrations by as much as 90%


Our customers vary in profession as much as our options to meet their goals do: from the hobby-farmer to high-end vineyards; the convenience market owner to the 10-story office building; Storage facilities, Assisted Living facilities, even Organic Makeup Compounding in the Industrial Areas of Portland. 


What does this varied group of owners have in common? They are our environmental stewards with a desire to eliminate their electric bills. 

Solar Panels installed on Elks Lodge

Battery Backup

Battery Backup + Solar:


Your lights just went out. The television is off. Everything is dark. You water isn't flowing from your well. You can't even flush a toilet! 


When you have a solar panel installation coupled with a battery backup, you're no longer in the dark. A flip of a switch and the power flows again to all of your critical devices. DPI Solar has been engineering battery backup systems since 2015. We have spent the last seven years learning and understanding when a battery backup makes sense for you and when it might not. Want to know more? Schedule an onsite evaluation to learn how to keep the lights on when the rest of the world is cloaked in darkness...

QCell Battery Backup Installed on exterior of residential home

Site Visits

This process is truly what sets DPI Solar apart from the rest: THE SITE VISIT


In your search for your solar installation partner, you'll find too many companies willing to send you a blind-bid without ever showing up to your home or business. And, as simple as the final product is (in its function), nothing could be more complex than installing the products on your site. Will your roof hold the solar panels without adding structure? Can you put the equipment in the basement? Is it possible to run the solar power from one building to another? These, and many other, questions are what we will answer when we visit you. 

Workers Supervising Construction

Planning and Design

We love a good puzzle and the planning and design of your solar array and project are top of mind for us. Our expertly trained team of advisors provide accurate, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing designs every time.

Overhead shot of solar panel planning and design layout.

Project Management

We believe in the saying: "It takes a village" 


And that's what you're getting when you choose DPI Solar as your partner: a village, a team. 


Our team wants your experience to be pleasant and easy, and that's where having a dedicated project manager for your installation comes in: they will be your primary point of contact from start to finish. They work with you on the front side to make sure there are no surprises. Less than 1% of DPI Solar's installations have change-orders that add costs to your project, so when the time comes for OUR parts to become YOUR parts (by paying for the installation), you can count on paying the price you agreed to. 

Engineers and Businesspeople


Does your project require additional engineering before we start the work? 


The answer is not so simple as: Yes or No.


All commercial solar projects in Oregon will require structural engineering before we can apply for a permit, yet many homes do not require engineering. Ground mounted solar is exempt from engineering in our state, yet detached garages and pole-buildings may need it. 


This is just another way that DPI Solar stands apart: We value your partnership and your installation as much as you value what we do. We know that your project is unique, like you. We do not cut corners or look for ways to skip steps. When you choose us as  your installation partner, you're getting a team that wants to provide you with a lifetime of worry-free operation for your project.


The president of our company loves the saying "Overkill is Underrated", and we believe in that ourselves. Your project will stand the test of time as well as anything Mother Nature throws your way.

Two men standing beside one another. Man on left looking at blueprint, man on right talking on radio

Permits & Inspections

Your project will be engineered, permitted, and inspected by your local permitting jurisdiction. 


Our years of working with the permit offices around the state has given us the knowledge needed to be successful at every aspect in this process. Your inspectors are your first line of defense against bad contractors and we appreciate what they do and offer. They are your non-biased advocates. Knowing that they are working for YOU helps us to meet their criteria and as such, providing you with a lifetime of worry-free operation. 


DPI Solar handles every aspect of this process for you. Does that mean we won't need extra information from you during this process? In short - no. We are working on your most valuable asset and you are the expert in that regard. Our partnership with you will involve you at the crucial steps, but it will also allow you to sit back, relax, and look forward to your "PASSED" notice on your inspections - putting you one step away from turning on your renewable power plant. 



Ready to own your power plant? The installation is the most exciting part of this process, but we also know that it can be stressful for you as well. Having strangers working on your property is nerve-wracking for the best of us. 


"What was that thumping? Do they know what they're doing? OH MY GOD! There's the first solar panel!" 


Your installation will bring a mix of emotions. Our team will bring the Xanax. 


With years of experience and the best electricians in the industry (courtesy of IBEW Local 48), you can look forward to your stress subsiding quickly once you meet your installation crew. 


Depending on your project, you may hear drills drilling, impact guns impacting, and a lot of footsteps on your roof or in your attic. This is construction and it's not a quiet process: we're installing your power plant in such a way so that it never fails - and that takes noisy effort and time. Now is not the time to rush your project. We have another motto here: "Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast" - and for our team, this translates into: take time to make sure we're doing it right the first time. 


How long will this take? 


Ground Mounts (with excavation and concrete) take a week or more, size dependent. 


Simple Residential Homes can be done in as little as a day or as long as a week - size dependent


Commercial Projects tend to take weeks to months for completion. 


In the end, we know that this part of the process is the MOST critical and we put forth all efforts to make it as stress-free for you as we can. 

Image by Ricardo Gomez Angel

Warranty Support

Warranty - the great unknown...or is it?


Every warranty from every company boils down to one simple question: will they be there for you when it counts? 


DPI Solar is and remains one of the longest tenured solar contractors in Oregon with over 20 years of experience as licensed electricians and 15 years dedicated to the solar industry. You can relax and rest assured that if your project needs life-support, we're there for you. 


What does DPI Solar's warranty look like? 


We like to refer to the first 10 years as "parts and smarts", meaning your installation is warrantied for parts and labor against defects in installation and product failures. 


Are there exclusions? Of course there are. For example: If the worst happens and the manufacturer of your products is no longer in business, we can't offer their warrantied products (if they no longer make them). So, how does DPI Solar avoid this? By doing the best we can to make sure that the companies we represent (product lines) are financially solid and committed to our industry, long-term. Our warranty was written by attorneys, but our president wanted to make sure it was easy to understand and straight-forward. When you do your part, we roll the trucks to bring your system back to life. 


Remember - we are your partner in this, and we're going to work together with you to make sure your installation lasts for years - even if it needs life-support.  

White Van with DPI Logo on it. Warranty Support image
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