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Frequently Asked Solar Questions

Here are some basics about Solar in Oregon. Please feel free to check our blog posts or contact us with any of your questions, we are happy to inspire and educate! 

Solar in the Northwest

Does solar power work in the Pacific Northwest?

Yes. Sure, we have our cloudy days, but solar isn’t about heat, it’s about light. Oregon and the Pacific Northwest have some of the better solar radiance in the country. What’s more, Oregon has some of the best incentives of any state in the country (#4 in the nation in 2017).

Will solar work for my home or business?

There’s only one way to find out. Please call us at (503) 857-0099 for a free solar site evaluation. Every site and every customer’s need is unique, and we tailor your solar installation to your needs.

Will my solar panels work on a cloudy day?

Absolutely! Solar panels generate electricity from light, not heat, so even on a rainy or overcast day your roof is making power for you. Of course, bright sunny days will produce significantly more electricity than overcast ones, but you’ll be producing way more power (and paying for much less) on those gray days than you were before you had solar.

Investment and Financing

Is it really worth it?

Yes, every customer sees a positive return on their investment. Our typical residential customer will drastically reduce or eliminate their bill, and typical commercial customers see reductions of up to 100% in the cost of operation of their facility.

Can I lease a solar system from DPI Solar?

No, leasing does not make financial sense. Since you don’t own the system, you won’t enjoy the tax incentives, commercial depreciation or utility grants. The worst part is, you’d be using your roof to produce power that the leasing company sells back to you.  

Can the system be financed?

Absolutely! Our partners at Sungage Financial and Puget Sound Cooperative Credit Union offer our customers financing for their projects. Home equity credit lines will give you the best return on your investment because the interest for solar installations on a HELOC are tax deductible.


Does DPI Solar offer zero-down financing?

Yes. Our partners at Sun Gage Financial and Puget Sound Cooperative Credit both offer zero-down financing for your project.

How does solar affect my home’s value?

It increases your home’s value. A solar installation will generate some or all of the power your home uses. And, as power costs increase, so does the value of the power you’re generating. A solar installation adds (on average) $3/watt installed at resale. 

Is a commercial carbon tax coming?

A business carbon tax is absolutely coming to Oregon. California just passed a carbon tax for companies that use more than a “typical” amount of electrical power for businesses of their size and industry. The State of Oregon is currently studying proposals and developing legislation. Please call us at (503) 857-0099 and we’ll work with you to get ready for the coming carbon tax.

Solar Installers

Why go with DPI Solar?
Installers are not created equal. DPI Solar has been installing solar systems for over a decade. Josh Kopczynski has taught classes and continues to work with the local jurisdictions where your project will be installed. We’re A+ rated at the Better Business Bureau and have the highest rating at Energy Trust of Oregon. Meet the DPI Solar team.

How long does installation take?
Most residential installations are completed in a single day, though permitting and incentives applications can take weeks. DPI Solar will take care of everything, from measuring your roof, designing the system, applying for permits and financial incentives, installation and of course clean up. DPI Solar prides itself on performing the very best installations, with the latest mounting hardware, ensuring that all cabling is properly stowed, and with neat and professional electric connections throughout.

How Does Solar Work?

Do I need batteries to make it work?

Nope! Batteries are only required for homes or businesses that are not connected to the power grid. However, if you experience frequent power outages or want the peace of mind of battery backup, DPI Solar can certainly install grid-connected and stand-alone battery installations. Learn more.

What is "net metering"?
In Oregon and Washington, power companies buy back any excess power that your home or business generates. Think of the power company as a giant battery that store excess power during the day for your use at night. That’s net metering. Learn more or call us at (503) 857-0099 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.

Will I have power if the power goes out?

If it’s important to you, DPI Solar will be happy to design a system that includes a battery to do just that. Without a battery, your solar system automatically turns off during an outage to protect power company workers. Once power is restored, your installation will automatically begin producing power.

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